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Pimples & Redness

Pimples & Redness

Pimples are a distressing skin condition. Reduce the appearance of pimples and redness with our intense pulsed light or blue L.E.Ds devices.

Our devices use light therapy to destroy bacteria responsible for the formation of pimples and aids in skin cell renewal to reduce pimple bumps and redness. Clear skin is now within reach. Check them out below.

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  • Tanda Clear

    Tanda Clear

    Tanda Clear reduces the appearance of acne quickly and safely.
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  • Tanda Zap

    Tanda Zap

    Tanda Zap acne spot treatment allows you to zap your zits away in just 24 hours.
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  • Skin Rejuvenation SIPL 11

    Skin Rejuvenation SIPL 11

    Restoring Glow With SIPL 11 skin rejuvenation IPL device
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  • Blue


    Silk'N Blue is a revolutionary new way to treat acne. The dual energy system not...
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