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Saggy Facial Skin

Saggy Facial Skin

Firm and reshape jawline contours with our recommended range of devices below. Simple and easy to use. Select from our range of beauty devices that feels like a warm facial massage or glide your way to firmer skin with our facial rollers.

Harnessing the power of either radiofrequency, red L.E.Ds, iontophoresis, electrical muscle stimulation or micro-currents, our devices assist to stimulate fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin leading to firmer tighter facial skin with regular usage. Check them out below.

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  • Platinum White RF

    Platinum White RF

    Platinum White RF is your all in one anti-aging beauty tool integrating radiofrequency...
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  • YA-MAN Uruoi Hot & Cool

    YA-MAN Uruoi Hot & Cool

    Uruoi Hot & Cool is a beauty device that uses iontophoresis energies while delivering...
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  • Tripollar STOP

    Tripollar STOP

    STOP is a remarkable new clinical skin renewal device that postpones and reverses...
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  • FaceFX


    Silk'N FaceFX brings the most advanced technologies for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging,...
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  • Bijouna Hot & Cool

    Bijouna Hot & Cool

    Bijouna Hot & Cool device helps you to enhance your skin care regime in the comfort...
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  • Bijouna Ultra

    Bijouna Ultra

    Bijouna Ultra allows you to deep cleanse and increase the absorption of serums through...
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