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WiTouch Pro

WiTouch pro is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device utilizing TENS technology to specifically treat back pain.
WiTouch Pro is the world’s first wireless remote controlled pain relief device incorporating TENS technology to specifically target low back pain. Witouch Pro blocks pain signals from the back from reaching the nervous system and hence, reduces back pain. Ergonomically designed. It can be used throughout the day hidden underneath clothes and operated using a remote control. Wireless and portable, it is back pain relief on the go.

Operates on batteries.

Benefits with regular usage:
1. Reduce back pain
2. Reduce reliance on painkillers

Warranty: WiTouch Pro comes with 1 year limited warranty

Product Technology:
1. WiTouch Pro Device
2. Remote Control
3. 5 pairs of gel pads
4. 2 AAA alkaline battery
5. 1 Phillips head screwdriver tool
6. Instruction Manual

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