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Calla Cleanse

Calla Cleanse is a sonic silicon device for facial cleansing and scrubbing
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Just 2 minutes using your Calla Cleanse twice a day leaves your skin looking beautiful with a healthy-looking glow. Designed with silicon filaments, Calla Cleanse is gentle to the skin and is the perfect cleansing tool for your daily usage.

Wireless and Portable. Operates on rechargeable batteries.

Benefits with regular usage:
1. Deep cleansing and unclogs pores
2. Removes make up better than hand washing
3. Improve skin tone and texture
4. Reduce pore size
5. Increase serum and chemical absorption
6. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
7. Massage and scrubbing effect

Warranty: Calla Cleanse comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Product Technology:

Product Review:

1. Calla Cleanse Device
2. USB Charger Cable
3. User Guide

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