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Theradome Laser Helmet

Clinical Strength Restorative Laser Hair Treatment in the comfort of your home.
Theradome is a FDA approved laser helmet which incorporates eighty 678nm laser diodes to reduce hair loss and increase hair regrowth. Theradome uses low level laser therapy to increase scalp nutrition and blood flow to hair follicles leading to stronger and thicker hair strands.

Wireless and Portable. Operates on rechargeable batteries.

Benefits with regular usage:
1. Stops hair loss after 1 to 2 months
2. Increase hair regrowth after 6-9 months of usage

Warranty: Theradome comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Product Technology:

1. Theradome Helmet
2. 1 USB Cable
3. 1 Charger
4. Cushion Pads
5. Instruction Manual

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